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Official Release ONLINE YVONNE - EASY


Now on spotify: Yvonne - EASY

Yvonne - EASY



Let's make love online 


You may know me as Yvon, Asha, or even AshA S. Manager of house parties, such as: Sexy Mother Fucker, Ritmo, House Arrest, DJ Agency Essential Artists or even as an actrice on tv. And maybe, if you are old enough ( HAHA) from the Caribbean dance Club: Margarita’s in Amsterdam.
But now… it is time, time for a big change!! With 10 tracks on Spotify, I-Tunes ( all music internet sites) and 5 on SoundCloud as AshA S. Let me introduce the new me:


YVONNE ( aka AshA S. )


Because of perseverance and good faith from my (music) Producer Tony Bola-Audu, I am still here and ready to show the whole world the true version of me. Tony is a real genius. His business: owner of Sti-Res Productions, all about stimulate and response. Well.. it took us a lot of years, to get me where I am now! We’re upgraded with special help from DJ Natarcia, DJ LRS and Headroom Mastering. Because of them this song is a hit!! Already enthusiastic, diverse, fun reactions from a lot of DJ’s, Artists, Dancers, Family and Friends Worldwide:


‘The New Grace Jones’ ( But with an Indian Look ) ‘Sounds Like Madonna’ ’Britney Spears’‘This one is going to do really well’ ‘Hot & Sexy’. Personal response via my headphones: all could not stop listening and their body was moving to the beat! And in the middle of the song, they could sing along, non-stop = ****TiTiTi!!’


‘Let’s Make Love’ is a Deep House track, with a Sexy Provoking short story. Really different from all the preach songs I have written. .. Like Power Woman, Justice 4 Peace or Doel in Jouw Leven. This song might be shocking for some people, because I look like an INDIAN Goddess, does not mean I don’t do stuff other Woman do. This song is about Sexy LOVE Making..! But only with my permission! Wait until you see my FIRST (!) VIDEO clip on the 14th of Februari 2018. Valentine’s Day!! This song is meant for: ALL Typessss of PARTY PEOPLE, CAUSE EVERYBODY IS SEXY!!It’s Up-Close, Sexy and Personal. .