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Asha Soekhan was born in 1974 in Paramaribo, Surinam, a former Dutch colony. When she cried as a baby, her mother often corresponded with the remark: ‘it’s like she is singing!’.
At the age of 1 year and 7 months, her mother and Asha S. fled to The Netherlands, to find a better life for themselves. They first lived in Zeeland, where her story truly begins. Being the only (little) girl of color in the small town of Tholen, she had to fight her way through all kinds of discrimination brought up against her. But she could always fall back to the love songs by artists like Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Sheila E, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Barbara Streisand and so on.
It is undeniable that ever since she was a child Asha S. had a real strong mind about being independent. This led to the situation that she left home at the age of 12, thinking and knowing she could rock the world by herself! She would prove her destiny: to live by herself!
It certainly enabled her to make her own decisions. It would also mean a turbulent life. Asha S. faced very good times. But there were also many lows. Despite of this she had never quit and always kept on working her as off! Being a strong woman!
To take it even a step further Asha Soekhan started her own business in 2010: Asha S. A step closer to full independence, She has proven to be a multi-functional, -national, independent woman. Her goals are to achieve the best with all the freedom a human being can have. To always be service minded. To shine in everything she does and if you think you know her, think twice. Asha S. is always educating herself and she learns a great life lesson each and every day!
This makes her unique in a world full of herds. If you think about freedom and hard work, you think of Asha S.!
Someone you can trust. Loyal. Independent. Caring. Love the job. Works till the job is finished and an success! Friendly. Flexible. Honest. Reliable. Always comes with solutions.
The story of Asha S.